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Daylight Savings Time is Here: Tips for Handling Your Child’s Sleep

The time change is coming! If you have a baby or young children, the celebration of that extra hour to sleep in is a distant memory. Daylight savings time will be upon us on Sunday November 5, 2017, and it has a whole new meaning when we have little ones getting up that whole hour earlier! Why is it an issue in the first place? Our biological clocks are dictated…

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Daylight Savings Time: Tips On How to Handle Your Child's Sleep

Daylight Savings Time: Tips On How to Handle Your Child’s Sleep

Daylight Savings Time is fast approaching and if you have young children you may be worried about what will happen to their perfect (or not so perfect) sleep schedule. March 12th, 2017  is when we set our clocks forward. It’s bad enough that we lose an hour of sleep, and to make matters worse… it can wreak havoc on your child’s sleep schedule! I have good news for you! If you…

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How Do I Get Through The Holidays Without Messing Up My Baby’s Sleep Schedule?

How to maintain a healthy sleep schedule during the holidays. T’is the season ! Holiday season is here and along with it comes family visits, parties and schedules thrown out the window! You have worked so hard to establish good and healthy sleep habits for your child. You have committed to a great schedule and have sacrificed many coffee dates so that your baby can get a great nap. All the…

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Sleep Training - Dropping the morning nap

Dropping the morning nap- When & How!?

You and your baby worked hard to establish those healthy sleep habits. You have a great routine going, a great schedule and everyone is rested. Your baby has two great naps a day, when seemingly all of the sudden (insert the sound of screeching brakes) your baby is refusing a nap. What’s happening…. NNNooooooo!!!! “How do I know if my baby is ready to drop the morning nap?” This is…

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Sleep transition from crib to bed

Tips for an easy crib to toddler bed transition.

The big transition. Your baby is no longer a baby (sigh) . You are ready to go from a crib to a toddler bed.. or are you? This is a question I often get asked and here is some valuable information that I would like to share with you that will help make the crib to toddler bed transition easier. 1. When? How do we know when our child is ready to…

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The Power of Early Bed times

Early bed times? What is considered “early” may in fact not be early enough. Bed time in your house may sometimes be peaceful, but may sometimes be a battlefield. We may deal with children that have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and of course those endless negotiations. We can see restless sleep, night terrors and very early wake times. I see and deal with all of these issues with clients on a…

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4 Key components that establish healthy sleep habits

Unfortunately babies don’t come with instruction manuals and this leaves many new parents in the dark about how to establish healthy sleep habits for their children. Setting a healthy foundation for sleep is critical for our growing babies. It allows for optimal mental and physical development. A well rested baby can deal with everyday stresses better and they have the ability to learn and absorb more of the world around them. There is so…

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Sleep Training Tips, Sleep Training consultation

What is sleep training and will a sleep consultant help?

Sleep training, sleep consultant, sleep coach, what is all this about anyways? The joys of parenting are immeasurable. The love that hits you when you bring this tiny little stranger into your life is stupendous and life as you know it, is forever changed. Unfortunately, babies and children don’t come with instructions (if only!) and we as parents strive to do our best to meet their needs and encourage them…

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Sleep Training Tips, Sleep Training consultation

Give Your Child the Gift of Sleep

Sleep Tips for Your Little Ones I love my clients and nothing makes me more excited than reading their feedback. This testimonial is especially interesting as my client shared her sleep training experience with others on The WoW MoM website. Sleepy Time It’s official; I only produce kids who won’t sleep. Kiddo #1 never did nap or sleep and his baby sis inherited the same sleepless skills. Oh joy! Sleep is…

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Hw much sleep a baby needs?

How much sleep does my baby ACTUALLY need??

What’s the favourite topic de jour amongst new moms?  SLEEP or rather, lack of it.  We all want to know how long each other’s babies slept for and if there are any “tricks” that we can apply.  What we wouldn’t do to get one night of uninterrupted sleep!!  Whether it’s your first, second or fifth child, we can all use help in the sleep department. Babies and children require sleep. Lots of it.…

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