Read about the journey and experience of some of Tracy’s clients... Relate with most, Laugh at many.. and perhaps even shed a tear with a few…

At three months my previously very well behaved baby suddenly became horribly fussy and I had no clue what was wrong… Desperate I picked up the sleep book my friend recommended “Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Baby” and realized that my baby was horribly sleep deprived.  Being a doctor I thought I could handle this on my own.  After 5 days of trying to let him cry it out and making very little headway, nerves frazzled at 3 am I found Sleeptight solutions.  Within 3 days my 3.5 month old went from needing swaddling, a pacifier, mom’s arms, and bouncing on the ball…. to being able to lay him in his crib awake, without a pacifier, and unswaddled.  We went from > 1 hr of nightly “cry it out” fests to < 5 minutes, and sleeping at most 5 hours at a time to 12 hour overnights (without feeds!).  I highly recommend the full support package, having her come to our home to see his sleep environment was so helpful and her text support was always very prompt. There is absolutely NO price to giving the gift of sleep to our babies!

Remy Wong, M.D.



BlakeHi Tracy!!

Just wanted to shoot you an email, to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for helping me understand the importance of sleep, and for helping my daughter learn to sleep through the night! She has been doing amazing these past few weeks, and it’s all thanks to you! I have seen such a huge shift in her personality, and even her development! I once had a cranky slow poke,  who rarely slept, and now I have a happy girl who has great sleeps and tries new things everyday!
I’ve attached a picture of my new happy girl, so that you can put a face to name, and you can see for yourself just how well she is doing! I’m telling everyone I know about you!

Thanks again!


Catherine Blake


At first, being physicians, we were apprehensive about using a sleep specialist to help us. But Alice was not sleeping, staying up till 1 am, had bags under her eyes, and we didn’t know where to turn. So we called Tracy. She offered an intensive training course, both one and one and through texting, which was very specific, but in the end, all the decisions to be made were our choice. We saw an almost immediate change in Alice’s sleep pattern, and now, she sleeps (and naps) like a normal baby! Thank you Tracy!

David Schindler, M.D.


“Deciding to sleep train working with Tracy changed my life. As a first time mother I had no idea how difficult the sleep deprivation would be for me. I knew it would be tough, but I didn’t realize how much it would affect my mood. I was feeling sad and anxious and having trouble enjoying motherhood. At 4 months, when it became clear that our daughter was no longer waking during the night for food, but rather for her pacifier to be replaced repeatedly, my husband and I were at the end of our rope. Furthermore, the effort it took to put her down for a nap, only for her wake up 30 minutes later was becoming intolerable. As a clinical psychologist who specializes in attachment I was hesitant to sleep train and especially to use the cry it out method. I was worried that I would emotionally harm my child- that she would learn that when she needed me I wouldn’t be there. That thought made me feel sick. We called Tracy because I knew I couldn’t continue to function on so little sleep. Tracy took us through different sleep training methods that included cry it out (extinction) as well as other methods. I shared my fears about using extinction and Tracy patiently gave me her perspective and also discussed the current research on the topic. In the end we decided to go with extinction. It was a long road- it didn’t happen right away but within a few weeks my daughter was sleeping 13 hours a night and taking 3 naps a day. Tracy was with us every step of the way and knew the answer to EVERY question. Even when I wanted to give up Tracy remained confident that if we stayed consistent that our baby would learn to sleep. Our daughter started to go down for naps and bedtime without crying and to wake up in the morning and hang out in her crib without crying! I can’t even begin to describe how much this changed our lives. My daughter is now 9 months. For the past 4 months my husband and I have had our evenings completely free as our daughter often goes to sleep at 5pm (and yes sleeps until 630-7)!  Many mornings it is my alarm that wakes me at 7am. I look at the monitor and my daughter is playing quietly and happily in her crib. As a result of sleep training my daughter is an amazing sleeper in every sense. In addition to sleeping well at home, she is able to sleep outside of the house, in new environments, whether in a crib or pack and play and there is no problem. As long we follow her sleep routine as Tracy instructed us, she happily goes to sleep wherever we put her down. It is a real pleasure. Through this process I learned that rather than harming my child I actually gave her the gift of sleep and the gift of a happy mommy. Once she started getting enough sleep our daughter transformed from a cranky baby to a happy, active and sassy one.  People regularly ask me if our baby is sleeping through the night and it now sounds like an absurd question. The days of being woken up every 2-3 hours feel like ancient history. Hiring Tracy was the best investment. For my next baby I will know exactly what I need to do to help him or her learn to sleep. And.. if there are any new hiccups I feel reassured that Tracy is just a text-message away .”




“I am a mama to identical twin girls and at four months the girls slowly but surely began sleeping less and less at naps and during the night. This was the same time we moved them from a bassinet to a crib.

We were qtwinsuickly becoming desperate, exhausted, exasperated, and it was requiring a literal village that we called on every night at crazy hours of the night to survive. We were sometimes in the girls room all night every 30 minutes trying to get them to sleep.

We knew we needed help and that’s when I reached out for a recommendation on a sleep consultant. This led me to Tracy.
I was super nervous and excited to work with her and like so many fearful of the cry it out method.
We had our consult with Tracy and made major changes to our nap time and bedtime routine and we selected and implemented the cry it out method.
Because we had twins in the same room we knew it would take longer than a single baby to see the full changes.
But let me assure you, our lives were drastically changed from that first night and I felt as though the world was lifted off my shoulders. We first worked with Tracy when the girls were 5 months old. They are now one and still sleep 12 hours plus two 1-2 hour naps.Tracy has supported us throughout developmental milestones and teething.I am forever grateful for the work she does, the impact she had on our lives and the continued support we have received.
I recommend her services to friends, family and anyone I hear struggling with sleep issues!

Rachel D.

Ontario, Canada


I am a mother of two boys, 3 yo and 6 months old, both of whom were terrible sleepers and self-soothers.With my first son, I was adamant I would never let me baby cry it out and and would teach him to sooth himself the soft way. I had read many sleep/parenting blogs (trouble some tots, sleepeasysolution, the babysleepsite, the sleepsense program, babysleepadvice, etc, and purchased many sleep training books (sleepeasy solution, the baby whisperer, the lull-a-baby, the sleepsense program book). You name it, I read it. Not to discredit those books, they are very informative and helpful, but they didn’t easily translate into a a practical plan for me. I tried various methods on my own, including CIO and it just didn’t work out. All that to say that my first son did not sleep through the night until he was 16 months… when I gave up and co-slept with him. So yeah, babies learn to self-sooth and eventually, they will sleep through the night. But it will take a long time and you will be sleep deprived…
So when my second son arrived, I told myself, I would not do the same mistake and I will start co-sleeping right from the start. For the first two months, my baby would wake up as soon as I would lay him down on a mattress. He was colicky and had reflux. So for two months, I slept in a sitting position in my bed, with my baby in my arms (propped by many pillows)… Eventually, we were able to move to co-sleeping in my bed and it worked out fine, besides that fact that I needed to breastfeed him to sleep and sooth him back to sleep when he woke up from every sleep cycle (every 40 minutes) until 10pm, when he would sleep deeper. And the same circus would resume at 4am until 7am. This went on for 3 more months until I couldn’t take it anymore.
So nervous about sleep training, but sleep-deprived and tired of not being able to live outside my bedroom after 7pm, I called Tracy. Best decision ever. Tracy came over and explained to us the various sleep training option. And after some discussion with my husband, we chose, CIO (e, the person who was very opposed to CIO!). But I couldn’t do it alone. I knew if I did it alone, I would have a lot of self-doubt and would cave in at day 1.
Essentially, Tracy followed our baby’s sleep pattern over a few days, by text msg. She also, guided us to put our baby down at a time where he would not be overtired, to facilitate self-soothing. She tweaked our schedule so that it would be better for the baby. She gave us some ground rules to go through sleep training. But the best part, is that she was in contact with us through text messaging to guide us and hold our hands. When we were doubting ourselves, we just wrote to her and she would write right back and guide us. And at the end of the contract, We had a personalized sleep plan for our baby that we can refer to as we continue the training.
So results. The first night, it was hard. But within 48 hours, our baby was sleeping 6 hours or more straight without waking. Things are not perfect yet, we still have some early night wakings (4-5-6am), but life is definitely better. Naps took longer to settle in, and again, they are not perfect, but it’s a work in progress as we are only 6 days in!
So what is the difference with doing CIO by yourself? Its doing it right, guided by someone who knows how to do it. And also, having someone to hold your hand through it. And having someone you can bounce all your questions and self-doubt to during the process. So that you don’t cave in.
All that to say, calling Tracy was the best decision we made. Thank you, Tracy.

Dr. Me-Linh


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your help and support with Marco.
Due to your precious guidance, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders!
From several night wakings to the now occasional 1, from countless hours of rocking to sleep – crossing fingers that he’d stay asleep – to him now being able to fall asleep on his own, is the best thing that could have ever happened ! From 20 min naps – or none at all – to now 1-2 hrs (each) is amazing!
For anyone out there feeling helpless – or about to lose their mind – call Tracy!! Follow the sleep plan she gives you and you will see a huge difference within a couple days! This skeptic was convinced! ‎A well rested and happier baby makes for ‎one heck of a well rested and happier mom!

Laura, Marco and the rest of the family


Marcus 8 onthsI am a great sleeper, therefore I always thought my children would be too. Ha! I couldn’t have been more wrong. Starting at 4 months of age, my little Marcus had completely mastered the art of fighting naps. He was a great self-soother at night but nothing would work for daytime sleep. After months of walking several hours a day, hoping he would fall asleep with motion and dealing with a cranky baby the rest of the day, I decided it was time to do something. That’s when I found Tracy. And our lives changed. I live in Vancouver, therefore we did the consultation remotely. I would strongly recommend the full support package, and for me 3 days just wasn’t enough, so I added an extra 2. At first, I was scared of teaching my baby to sleep. I braced myself for hours and hours of crying and screaming… but none of this happened. Of course, Marcus was quite irritated at being put down in his crib at first, but with Tracy’s unwavering support and the establishment of consistent nap routines, he caught on quite quickly and a week later, was doing 1.5 hour naps! That is completely unheard of in our house! And that is not mentioning his nights: 12-13 hours of sleep in a row! I think hiring Tracy as our sleep coach is one of the best parenting decision I have made so far. Marcus is so much happier and mommy is too!

Melissandre & Marcus


When James’ was 4 months, he no longer fell asleep easily and was always tired.  I read 5 sleep books and many online articles and in the end I had a vague idea of what to do but had a lot of self doubt and worried I would go the wrong route.  There is just so much conflicting information on infant sleep out there.  We decided to try the ‘wait-it-out’ approach. At 7months we hit a breaking point. Extremely overtired, James was up 7-8 times a night to nurse and we were bed sharing. He only napped for 30mins.  I was suffering from post partum depression and anxiety and the sleep deprivation was holding me back from recovering.  We decided to call Tracy and it was a turning point for our sleep problems! Because of my anxiety I couldn’t do cry it out on my own. I needed a lot of support and Tracy was very supportive and compassionate. It was easy to trust in her expertise and we are so glad we did because it worked.  I wish we had phoned her sooner because now we are a much better rested family.



I am a mother of two sweet and adorable little boys. My oldest is 3 years old and my youngest is 1 year old.
My oldest was a good sleeper. He was sleeping through the night at 3-4months and was able to go down on his own. Every child is different though. With my second son, things didn’t work out so well. I tried to apply a few techniques I’ve read about, but I had trouble being consistent for many reasons and every reasons was good enough to drop the technique I was trying and go get him. At 11 months, he was waking up at least 3 times a night and was wide awake for at least an hour in the middle of the night. The only thing that would sooth him was if I walked with him in my arms. I was so exhausted, I was barely functional during the day. It was one of the hardest challenge I faced: raising two young boys, with all the patience it takes, and doing so with long term sleep deprivation.
So we called Tracy. I have to say, I wasn’t sure someone could really help us at that point. First, because I had a complete misunderstanding of what is a sleep consultant really is and all the knowledge there is behind that specific training,  and also because I am a child psychologist trained in mother/child attachment theory, which made me deeply question the idea of letting a baby cry. I needed to understand better what was behind all of the theory before I would jump and do it. Tracy and I met and we had a great conversation about the cry it out.
48h after she started helping us, our little one was falling asleep on his own in less then 5 minutes, and sleeping for 13h straight. We are now 5 months later and he never woke up again in the middle of night. He now has 12 to 13 hours of sleep every night and naps twice a day for an hour and a half. For a big total of 14 to 16 hours of sleep every day! This is compare to the 11 hours a day he had before we got help. Our little guy was sleep deprived too…
I’ll be honest, the first night, he cried for 1 and 20 minutes. And then another 5 minutes in the middle of the night. The second night, much less than that. I won’t say it was easy. But in retrospect, I was way more nervous than heartbroken these nights.
I could go on about why I think this process did not harm my son in any way. I could talk about my understanding of what it means to let a child cry in a learning process. And how different it is from rejection or neglect. And I could talk about all the guilt parents face when they choose to answer one need (for example the need to sleep) that is conflicting with another one (for example the need of being comforted). As difficult as that is to choose a need over another, it has nothing to do with not answering a need at all.
Ultimately, I think we all have to be nuanced and patient but sometimes, the little ones have trouble sleeping and nothing seems to get them there. This was my case. And despite the huge debate about sleep training, if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate.
In a really well supervised environment, with someone like Tracy who brings all the knowledge to do this the right way, I think only positive can come from it. If I had to do it again, I would do it sooner than 11 months old, because that sleep deprevation was hard on everybody and lasted too long, for no reason.
What Tracy did for us helped tremendously. We are now all well rested and able to enjoy our days, and nights! We are so grateful.Thank you very much!



Sleep Training Testimonials I contacted Sleep Tight Solutions when my second child’s sleep had spiralled out of control at 3.5 months old.  She had started off a great sleeper but all of a sudden was waking at all hours and it was a struggle getting her to nap. She had become so sleep deprived but I didn’t know why because my older child never went through this.  I was trying to work my 3.5 month olds schedule around my 2 year olds thinking “she’s a baby she is more adaptable” and “she is my second baby, I know what I’m doing”. Well apparently not, which is why I contacted Tracy. Within 3 days my daughter was sleeping almost 8 hours straight at night and napping 3 scheduled naps and although naps are not perfect after 3-4 days she has shown SO much improvement and I know within a week or so she will be sleeping the proper amount and not little 30-40 min catnaps. Don’t rely on all the websites out there that tell you a 3 month old can only be awake for 1.25h at a time… So much on the internet is wrong. Contact Tracy and she will get you and your baby or child on track right away!!! Thank you so much Tracy, you gave me the confidence I needed to help my child sleep and to get her on track. :)



SleepTraining Testimonial2Dear Tracy,  After 4 months of colic, reflux, and sleep deprivation we reached a point of desperation.
After walking us through sleep training for 3 days, Julian now takes 3 healthy naps, and goes to bed at 630pm for 12 hours. We hadn’t realized how little sleep he was getting, and how much he actually really needed, and you helped us give him the best gift of all sleep!
What a gift for us as parents to know we have the skills and tools now to provide a healthy sleep environment and routine for him! He thanks us every day by waking up with smiles from ear to ear and proving to us that we did the right thing!
You’ve transformed me into a sleep advocate, enlightening all of our family members why early bedtime sometimes is necessary etc.
Thank you so much for your services and support and the wealth of information you provided us for!!!!
Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Genny, Kenny Julian and even Sasha the dog


Sleep Training Testimonial Hello! I’d like to share my story a little bit. I have twin boys!! Double the love and double the work! Before I contacted Tracy I hadn’t slept in over 6 months. My twins were 5 1/2 months old. They would constantly wake up in the middle of the night and it was getting harder and harder to put them back to sleep. One baby had me playing “fetch” with his pacifier all night long!! At least once every 2 hours. Then I started realizing they were not hungry in the middle of the night anymore because even milk wasn’t putting them back to bed! Their sleep was so messed up!! Plus always woke super early 4ish… They did each have their own crib and shared a room since week 3. I would run like a maniac the second one would make a sound because I was petrified that he would wake up his brother …
Naps, ohhhh naps, don’t even get me started on the naps situation!! Since we came home from the hospitals ALL the naps were on the swings in the living room!! Sometimes I would gather the energy to out hem in the car and go for a ride!
I had lost my living room long time ago to those swings and every day I would stress for them to nap. They would wake after 20 mins and just wouldn’t sleep …
I finally realized they were so sleep deprived and I could no longer live like this. We were ALL exhausted. Since they were at good weights and I didn’t need to feed at night anymore I decided to call a sleep consultant. Everyone on Facebook had given me great feedback on Tracy and how she had saved them!!
I loved that Tracy takes the time to come over to your house for the consultation that way she can meet the babies and see their sleeping environment. She gave me great information and tips to help solve all my problems. She was very confident and it motivated me that I could do this!!
We started right away since the boys were sooooo tired!! She was totally available to answer all my questions/texts. She answered fast and it would guide me on what to do next. She was a great support system and I totally needed someone to push me!! I knew in the end I was doing my boys a favor. I have to mention that I would never let my boys cry for more then 2 mins before sleep training but I knew now I would have no choice and it was ok. Like she said, after 3 days/nights there are massive improvements. My boys always sleep in their beds (the swings have left the building) and I got rid of the pacifiers as well since I couldn’t get up to play fetch anymore. That was a bonus!! I now started sleeping at night again and when the boys go for naps, I have minimum one hour to MYSELF!! Which was unheard of!!!

I’m super happy I called Tracy and decided to do this. We are all much happier and rested! I will continue to apply the guidelines and I understand it’s a process. Of course I have one twin way more difficult then the other, but they each have their own temperament and it’s a question of finding balance!! Basically it’s possible, even with twins!! And they now can sleep thru their brothers cries/tantrum which is amazing!!

I totally recommend Tracy’s services!!! She helped me get to where I wanted and will for sure be able to help you too, you just have to be ready like I was :)



CarlaBottaroA HUGE THANK YOU TO Tracy Braunstein at SleepTight Solutions. I am so happy our family has a life back & most of all sleeping more then 3hrs a night.Wow its truly incredible how just in 3 days my 4mth old with Colic went from constantly crying non-stop & napping a total of 1hr per day to now having 2-3 nice naps per day lasting over 1-1/2 hrs & sleeping like a rockstar at night.Michael is sleeping like a champ & is a super happy child who never cries anymore and now sleeps amaaaazing.I highly Recommend Tracy if your child has trouble sleeping through the night,napping,waking,cranky..etc..Please give her a call you will not be disappointed & I PROMISE you will not only love her services but you will love her compassion,support,guidance & love for your child & what she does..She is truly THE BEST!!

Carla B.


Sleep Tight Solution Testimonials Who is this baby? He looks like my son, acts like my son, but clearly, can’t be my son, because our little man Joshua didn’t sleep well at ALL! EVER! 2 weeks ago I suppose we had our worst 3 days stretch ever, I think I was running on 5hrs of sleep over a 72hr period. A friend recommended Tracy to me. I was unsure… I mean.. a sleep consultant? Hmm, ok, let’s see. Joshua would wake on average 5-7 times a night, awful! I literally felt like I had tried it all… but I was missing the mark somewhere, big time! Our oldest, my 3yr old daughter, she slept, so why couldn’t we figure our Joshua out? Well, I decided to work with Tracy, BEST decision ever!!! Last night, Sunday, was our night 5… and who did 12hrs and only woke ONE TIME??? That would be this little man right here! I am completely in shock & awe. Tracy, thank you thank you! You are completely motivational, compassionate. and you CERTAINLY know your stuff. I could not be happier!

Jyslain-Jessica Bellefeuille


What a difference a week makes! In fact, I still have a hard time believing how much my life has changed (for the better) since Tracy came into our lives. Our daughter Audrey became very challenging when it came to sleep. She could only nap in the car or in the stroller and would only sleep in bed with me at night. At 6 ½ months old she started feeding more and more at night, sometimes up to five times! My husband was sleeping on the couch, I was exhausted and so was Audrey. We finally decided to call Tracy and boy do I wish we had called her sooner. She taught us exactly what we needed to do to promote sleep and set Audrey up for success on top of providing us with constant support though her texting service. We chose the cry-it-out method which originally I had been hesitant to do but then decided would be the best approach for our daughter. There was a lot less crying involved then I thought, and within 2 days we started to see major results. Now, writing this a week later, I can say how amazing the transformation has been. Audrey now sleeps in her crib with usually minimal to no crying when we put her down. She takes 2 naps a day which usually last an hour to two hours. And at night she sleeps from approximately 6pm to 7am often without ever waking! My husband and I now have time to enjoy each other’s company again and I have time for myself during the day to get things done around the house. Most importantly, Audrey is a well-rested and happy baby. I have more energy to play with her and feel like a happier Mom. We are all so happy and grateful to Tracy for all her insights and support! Do not hesitate to contact her, you will not regret it!

Nancy Pauletto


Tracy, This is a quick note to thank you for your consultation for Nathan. I was doubtful of your plan at first, but we still committed to it by doing exactly as you coached and it worked like a charm. We went from the worst sleeper of all babies to the best in under a month! We particularly appreciated your support period as it was like having a personal trainer who keeps you on the right track and doesn’t let you make mistakes or falter. While it seemed an impossible task to get my baby from waking every couple of hours to sleeping through the night, you made it easy and simple. Most of all, since our son has been sleeping better, he is a completely different baby – you gave us a gift of a “happy” child J
Lots of hugs.



Sleep Tight TestimonialBeing a mother of twins I just assumed that I would be experiencing sleepless nights for a while. I kept telling everyone including myself that it wasn’t so bad, that eventually they would understand “bed time” and learn to sleep full nights on their own. However, as time passed and they grew more and more aware my girls started developing worse and worse habits. It came to a point where my husband and I were juggling babies all night. Tracy’s name kept on coming up every time I would mention that my girls were still not sleeping through the night and only napping if I would take them for a long walk. They all said that her services really worked and that their babies are finally sleeping through the night and having proper naps. I was unsure I thought at 16 months my girls were too old to be sleep trained. After a tough week I finally agreed to contact Tracy. Tracy was very nice and extremely helpful. Within a week my girls were sleeping their whole night and doing proper naps on their own. I still can’t believe it. I don’t know why I waited so long. Tracy really helped us through the whole sleep training process. My girls are much happier during the day and my husband and I finally get some down time to ourselves and it is all thank to Tracy!!!



Good evening Tracy!
Thank you for the plan!
Will has an OK night but an awesome day! He didn’t make a peep for either nap today and slept like a champ! 2 hours in the morning and 2.5 in the afternoon! He cried for 30 minutes this evening but I know his nights are going to get better and better.
Again, thank you so very much for your help and guidance. I was so nervous and scared to embark on this journey but after your seminar I knew I would only be able to do so with your help and experience. William was clearly ready to be given the chance to show us how capable he is to sleep properly and develop his self-soothing skills…I was the one that wasn’t ready!! But now we have a baby that can put himself back to sleep instead of waking every 2 hours in need of me, my milk and cuddles. I could only dream a week ago that I would have a baby that sleeps through the night except for one feed. Now that is my reality. We are a happier, more rested, and better family only a week after we first met and 4 nights after we started.
We still have lots to learn and have room to improve our nights, but you have given us the tools to forge ahead as a family.
Thank you again.



For five tiring months we had our work cut out for us with our infant daughter, Clementine. Time and time again, she resisted falling and staying asleep unless snuggled in our arms. She possessed zero self-soothing abilities. Clementine was a little owl, who ever only catnapped (in her bleary-eyed parents arms)!
Reaching out to Tracy came after weeks of drowsily poring over infant sleep books followed by several unfruitful do-it-myself stabs at sleep-training Clementine. (Not to mention, of course, that reaching out to Tracy also came after a very long stretch of feeling physically and emotionally worn-down). Even putting into practice former practices from our first daughter proved to be unavailing with Clementine.
Admittedly, before our first consult we had doubts about whether Clementine’s sleep problems so uphill could actually be remedied so definitely. Remarkably after one day of working together we made immense (and astounding!) progress; and within 3 days, Clementine became a top-notch 5-month-old napper and overnight sleeper! Essentially, Tracy gave us the tools we needed – and for the future – to confidently play a much more proactive role in managing Clementine’s sleep. These tools have also helped us in making important sleep adjustments and improvement for our two-year-old daughter, Eva.
Apart from her knowledgeable counsel, and perhaps just as importantly, Tracy also offered skilled and much-needed encouragement every-step of the way.




Sleep Training Consultation in Montreal My husband and I had the pleasure of working closely with Tracy to help us resolve the sleeping issues we were experiencing with our 1-year old daughter. She provided us with a wealth of information, some small tweaks, and also some major changes. She created a customized sleep plan for our daughter and stood by our side all the way to help us implement it. Her support and compassion provided a perfect balance in helping us deal with the emotional aspects given the nature of this matter of the heart. Tracy guided us diligently and motivated us to stay on track. As our baby girl started to harness her own self-soothing skills both and home and at daycare, we started to see a light at the end of the tunnel and in less than a week she was doing her nights!!! We are so grateful to Tracy, not only for providing us with the tools and know-how, but also for helping us bring a sense of balance & harmony back into our home. Thank you Tracy from the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful… xoxo

The Amin Family



Sleep Training for twins - Sleep Consultation Having a child can make you tired… Having twins makes you exhausted! After 9 months of sleepless nights and constant wake ups I decided it was time for some help.

I was skeptical that there was actually a person out there who could change my twins in just a few days. I mean we are talking about 2 babies here… Enter Tracy! Within 48 hours my twins had gone from waking up anywhere from 2-4 times a night to sleeping 12-13 Hours straight!

Working with Tracy was a pleasure. She was supportive, informative and tough when needed. It is always hard to listen to your baby crying but Tracy kept in constant contact, reassuring me that my babies would benefit from this in the end and she was right! Ronnie and Prosper are happy and smiling babies who now get excited for bedtime.

Sleep training one baby is a task but getting two babies to sleep soundly through the night at the same time is a miracle. I don’t know why I waited so long. My husband and I now have our nights free to spend together and we can even go out and leave the babies with a sitter without fear of them waking up.
Thank you Tracy! This experience has been truly life changing for me.



Hi Tracy,
Thank you so much for all your help over the past few days. I can’t believe how much has changed in only one week from first meeting you. I felt tired, disorganized, stressed, frustrated and helpless. Now I feel like I am finally helping my twin boys get the sleep they need and have some kind of predictable schedule that makes me feel more organized. Most of all we are beginning to feel more rested which will allow us to spend more quality time with our family.
Thank you!



Sleep Training ConsultationTracy, within a span of just a few days, you changed our lives! We were very skeptical but also quite desperate for help with our 7 month old baby who wouldn’t sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time since birth.

The entire experience working with you, from our initial meeting and throughout the three day program, was remarkable. We feel as if you really took the time to get to know us and our particular situation and created a customized sleep plan that suited us perfectly.

You provided us with tons of guidance and support, while answering all of our questions. He now sleeps from 6:30pm until 6:30am, and we still can’t even believe how that is even possible! All we have to say is thank you again and again!

Melanie, Jason, and Ethan


Before I worked with Tracy, I would wake up in the morning and sigh “another day fighting with the baby to nap” . By the end of the day I would feel defeated by a 6 month old. No matter what I did she would not nap. I had gotten to the end of my rope and I needed help! That’s when Tracy came into the picture.

Working with Tracy was great, she guided me with support and texts (which I really needed!) through those rough first days of nap-training. This extra support was key. I sincerely believe it wasn’t JUST her great advice, but her support through the whole process that made all the difference.

Now, not even a week since we began Tracy’s plan, my baby’s naps have already improved incredibly! She is happier and more energetic because she is well rested, and mom and dad are much happier too! The best part is, we were given the tools and knowledge to help us down the road.

My only regret is not calling Tracy sooner!



Sleep Training Consultant success storyWhen I came to Tracy my 7.5month old daughter was waking up anywhere from 1-2 times a night to 3-4 times a night and was struggling to nap more than 45mins twice a day.

With Tracy’s help my daughter’s sleep habits have dramatically improved and continue to do so every day. We are all sleeping better now, thanks to Tracy’s advice and expertise. Also, I would not have been able to help my daughter sleep better without Tracy’s immense support (emotional and practical) and with her texts/email availability.

Tracy, thank you for understanding my struggles and supporting me through, what was honestly one of the most difficult experiences of motherhood.

Toni Lemieux, Social Worker and Mother of two


Never in a million years did we think that you could help us change our 5 month old son’s sleeping habits in only 3 days. Before, Sam would never nap in his crib longer than 30 minutes a time, leaving us unable to get anything done during the day and making it impossible to schedule anything. With your guidance, Sam is now taking up to 2 hour-long naps! As a result, he is now happier and more energetic; we are thrilled! Throughout the sleep training process. you were always there to answer any of our questions and concerns, and we are grateful. Thank you Tracy!

Michelle D.


Sleep Training Success Stories - Client Feedback and TestimonialsAfter months of sleepless nights, rocking and nursing my baby to sleep, I decided that I finally needed to do something about this situation. My husband and I were sleep deprived, and, stressed out ! The anxiety I felt over whether or not my daughter would sleep was consuming me. I didn’t want to leave her with anyone, and I didn’t want my husband to go out at night.

We had heard about Tracy, and I knew I needed to take steps to get my daughter to sleep. She was 6 months old ! Regardless, we were scared of sleep training her. We had created a bad habit, and I assumed it would be hell to break her of it.
As soon as we met with Tracy, I felt better. I must say, she explained everything very clearly and put a very positive outlook on the sleep training process. It was no where near as horrible as we expected it to be ! After 3 days, my daughter was golden,
sleeping like a champ…and mommy and daddy were the happiest they’d been in months I must say though, that the unexpected in this process, was the confidence I gained. I know how and when my daughter must sleep. We follow a clear routine that we have taken with us on vacation and to grandparents’.

There is no better feeling as a parent, than knowing your child is well rested and that she LOVES her bedtime ! She actually gets excited about us putting her to sleep ! Not to mention, what a happy baby she is now during the day
I cannot say enough about how amazing Tracy is to work with. The best investment we made for our child and ourselves.
Thank you so much Tracy !! You saved me !!

Sarah, Frank & Chloe


Like other parents, I thought that my 13 months old boy, will never learn how to sleep by himself. From the age of 5 months, my son was used to holding my hair, cuddling with me, and slept 45 mins to an hour until he woke up again. Every time he woke up, I went to him, and put him back to sleep, and again, 45 minutes later, he was up again. I was exhausted, and needed to rest, so by the second or third time he woke up, I would bring him to our room, where he slept between my husband and I. He loved it, and slept with no issues. I won’t deny, I loved having him close too. As time went by, he got even more used to our bed, he started to refuse his crib. Hence, he would sleep with us, and I would then be forced to sleep beside him…which meant I couldn’t even have some time alone! He never slept during the day either. He was awake most of the time.

Many people told me about Tracy, but I said: It won’t work…no one will figure out a way for my son to sleep..it’s impossible! I tried to let him cry, but he would vomit, and I just couldn’t do it on my own. I called Tracy…and everything changed! She made us a plan, she guided us through it and was VERY helpful and supportive. The 3 day texting was a HUGE help. She gave me strength, and taught me so much I didn’t know. My son now sleeps in his crib, in his room for a full 12-13 hours a night :) I can make sure he is asleep, and have someone watch him, and not have to worry about anything. Tracy changed our life! She’s amazing!

Thanks soooo much Tracy! My son gets to rest and sleep now, which gave me time to spend with my daughter…and then have a good night sleep! We all appreciate what you have done.
You truly are very supportive and patient. Thanks a million



Sleep Training feedback client testimonials When my baby girl turned 8 months, I realized I had created a trap for myself. I was having her sleeping her 3 naps by nursing her and staying in my arms for the duration of the nap… sometimes 20 mins, sometimes 1 hour. All the while she was sucking away, and if I tried to latch off, she would wake up (forget even a pee break!). Trying to put her down on her crib, impossible, she would wake up right away.

At night it was harder, she could take up to 1 hour to fall asleep at the breast, only to wake up every 2-3hrs all night long.

There had to be a better way! I was committed on not to let her cry to sleep, I read all the alternative books on gently pushing them to sleep by themselves, with little or no success. I thought I was hopeless and no one could help.

When i found Tracy, I was sleep deprived, tired, found myself not giving my best during the day to my baby, and just being in a zombie mode all the time. I immediately realized she knew what she was talking about. She said “Give your baby a chance to learn how to fall to sleep on her own”.

She walked me through the process step by step, for 3 days. I was so anxious, nervous, you name it! But with her help, my baby girl took 24hrs… only 24hrs! After that she started to do her naps and nights like if she had been doing it since birth. They were a hard 24hrs, but now I realize how much she needed to sleep and that it was the best thing I could have ever done, for her, for me, for my family.

Baby is happy and in a good mood all the time, and so is Mommy :)

Thank you Tracy!

Ana G.


As a mother of 4 children and a pediatrician, I thought that when my 3 year old stopped sleeping through the night, that i could get him right back on track. However, after many sleepless nights trying all the tricks i had up my sleeve, nothing worked and i was at a loss as to what to do. A close friend suggested I try Tracy as she had worked miracles for her daughter, so I did. Despite my sons reluctance and his determination, with Tracy’s help we persisted and finally are sleeping through the night.

We met and discussed the typical night routine of the family and where my youngest fit in. Unbeknownst to me, my 3 year old was in severe lack of sleep. After discussion, Tracy was able to fine tune our son’s sleep routine, help us navigate his personal sleep needs and style and allow us to identify what would work specifically for him. Now not only do i have a child who sleeps 12 hours a night, but he is happier and more energetic. Even with some set backs with illness or travel – when we reinstate the tracy plan, we go back to the great sleep habits.

I feel like a new person and our family is happier and certainly more rested. It allows me to be a better mother,doctor and person.
Thanks so much tracy!

Ilana Bank, MDCM, FRCPC, FAAP / Assistant Professor

Pediatric Emergency Medicine / Montreal Children’s Hospital / McGill University

My husband and I were desperate. Our son went from putting himself to sleep to needing to be rocked. We didn’t know what to do. We figured that it was just a phase that would go away on its own, but after two months of rocking our 2 year old at all times in the night, I knew that we needed help. The thing was that my son would vomit almost instantly after 20 seconds of crying, so I was always afraid of that happening.

A friend recommended Tracy and I called her right away. From the second she got on the phone (which she answered instantly), I knew that I had found someone special. She’s not only got the skills but also the personality to make this hard process so much easier. She listened to us and provided us with a sleep plan. My husband and I put it into action and although my son did vomit the first two nights, Tracy gave me the confidence to let that happen and I truly do believe that it was for my son’s best interest. Today he puts himself to sleep and I wake up to a HAPPY toddler. Thank you so much Tracy for helping our family and staying in touch, you truly care!
I really mean it THANK YOU!

Raquel & family


Before meeting Tracy I was a human pacifier during three hour naps and nursing every hour during the night since our 15 month old was 4 months. Our little boy’s sleep routine was getting worse with bedtime getting later and later but now he sleeps 12 hours and wakes up in the best mood. He eats better and is never cranky because he is napping and sleeping at the right time and in the best environment. Like Tracy says we have set him up for success!
After just 2 days of using Tracy’s recommendations our son has been sleeping through the night and sometimes have to wake him up in the morning!! Also, myself and extended family have been able to put him down for naps with barely any tears and sleeps for 2.5 hours.
My husband and I are in complete shock that with just a few important tweaks to a routine we had previously tried is working like a charm. We don’t even know what to do with all this free time.

Tracy you are so easy to talk to and I truly appreciate how you always follow up and touch base, it really shows you care.

Thank you so much, you have changed our lives!

Laura, Liam & Micah

Montreal, Quebec

Sleep Training Success Stories - Client Feedback and TestimonialsJust 4 days before meeting Tracy, I was up 3-5x a night (a 9 hr night that is) with my 23.5 mth old. This had been going on since he was 4 mths old. As a matter of fact he actually slept better as a newborn that an older baby or young toddler, still waking for milk and pretty much sleeping with me on the couch or in my bed for more than half the night and in the last couple of months we just didn’t bother with his crib at night anymore since he wouldn’t go in it unless he was already asleep and I no longer had the energy to go get him at 5 mths pregnant. Well I no longer need to pack the bottles of milk on ice in a lunch box behind my pillow, or go get a baby in the middle of the night to sleep with me and still wake up every 2-3 hrs and neither do I have to make sure I sleep with my man pillow to protect the growing baby inside me from any accidental kicks. All this thanks to Tracy and her advice, support and personalized instructions for my little Joshua.

In literally 72 hrs our lives were changed for the better, my anxiety reduced and my son isn’t just really happy when he is at his best. His “best” is pretty much all day long since he now has the best skill I could of taught him and that is “how to fall asleep on his own”.

I never read any books on attachment parenting nor did I plan to co-sleep, I just did what felt natural and necessary for survival. But it wasn’t working for us, my son was becoming more and more overtired and cranky and even before become pregnant again I couldn’t of imagined going on like that anymore. On top of it, the sleep deprivation was affecting my relationship with my husband, my work and even the quality of the relationship with my son.

She came to my house, changed up the set-up of his room to be cohesive to sleep and then sat down with me so she could devise the best plan to get Joshua sleep through the night and napping during the day. Much to my hesitation we did need to do some crying it out and that was the hardest part for me, since the most he had ever CIO was at 9 mths old for a max. of 10 min and I couldn’t imagine trying that again. However, with the right sleep times, a consistent regular routine and the constant support of Tracy and my own little support group I pulled together for the big night, I got through it and so did my son. And the smile on his face the next morning after sleeping through most of the night when I went to get him was priceless, as was how rested I felt after sleeping for more than 5.5 hrs in a row since I was pregnant with him.

I went in saying, “I have to do it but I don’t know if I can or he can” and came out saying ” I wish I had done this 1 1/2 years ago”
So thank you Tracy for helping the whole family get the sleep we so need and enabling me to be once again the great Mom I know I can be!

Anita D & Family

Montreal, Quebec

I’m an optimistic person, but when it came to my baby girl’s sleep…I honestly didn’t believe anyone could help us. Calla is baby #2, so we know the drill, we’re not new parents. Right from the beginning, she never really “slept” well. She would wake every three hours. She would nurse then go back to sleep…that we could deal with. Then somewhere along the way, she would wake every 2-3 hours and just fuss. Nothing would appease her. We kept making excuses: maybe she was teething, maybe it was colic. Whatever it was, there was no sleep for anyone. We tried everything but nothing worked. At times we even gave into her demands and just tried rocking her, holding her…whatever it took to make her sleep so maybe we could for just a tiny bit…but nothing helped.

By 11-months old, Calla was now waking every hour on the hour…sometimes every half hour! She didn’t want to nurse, she was just fussing and could not be comforted to sleep. Any training efforts were short-lived. With so little sleep, we were beyond the state of exhaustion and now somewhat delusional. Speaking in proper sentences was a feat! One day I saw a friend who mentioned that she had sleep issues with her daughter and had hired a sleep consultant. She told me how it changed her life. Although I trusted my friend, I could not believe anyone could help us. “Our” baby was different…”our” baby couldn’t possibly sleep longer than an hour. I didn’t think “our” situation could be improved because we really did try everything. After trying a few other things unsuccessfully, Tracy’s name came up again, this time with another circle of people. Desperate to get ANY rest, we decided that it was time to call this Sleep Guru and see what she could do. Honestly, with Calla waking up every hour … we would be thrilled if Tracy could just get her to sleep 2 hours straight or ANY length of time longer than what we were experiencing.

When we met Tracy, she was friendly, informative and very professional. She told us that she would help us train Calla to not only sleep through the night, but perhaps sleep 12 hours straight. I thought that was the funniest thing ever. You are telling ME, that my baby who wakes every hour on the hour is going to sleep through the night AND 12 hours at that?!?!? I was also waiting for her to give me the winning lottery numbers at that point. It was all too unbelievable. We promised to give her system our best try, but were very skeptical. All the things she told us, we already tried. What would be different? As we had nothing to lose, we followed Tracy’s wise words with hope.

For the next three days, Tracy followed our schedule, prompting us what to do, when to put Calla down for naps and motivated us to stay strong. It was minor tweaks to things we were already doing. Nothing spectacular, no voodoo spells or anything crazy. How in the world will this work? Well, it did. Night one was tough, but she DID sleep…8 hours straight. We were in pure shock. Was this the SAME baby? Night two crying was less…and she then slept 14 hours STRAIGHT. That’s double-digits. We don’t know what it means to sleep more than an hour…so hitting double-digits IS like winning the lottery!!!! By the third night, there was hardly any fuss and she slept 14 hours again. If I didn’t believe in miracles before, I certainly do now.

It’s been 2 months and Calla continues to sleep 12-14 hours straight each night. Bedtime and naptimes are now effortless. Our whole lives have been changed for the better. Thanks to Tracy we are not only well-rested, our whole family feels blessed and happier by the experience. We are still in awe over how Tracy has changed our lives in ways we could never have imagined. As a working mom, I am eternally gratefully for what she has done for Calla and our family. She’s made me a believer. She’s not only the Sleep Guru to us, but a true guardian angel. Thank you Tracy Braunstein.

Tuti Do

Montreal, Quebec

Dear Tracy,
I cannot believe the difference a weekend makes!


When we met you we had fallen into co-sleeping with our daughter, Lara when she was a month and a half old and would not sleep on her own. It worked well at first but then almost 5 months old, she was waking every 1-2 hours during the night to eat at the ‘all-night buffet’. She wasn’t sleeping well and neither was I. Naps were also an issue because I knew she had to nap but putting her to nap was stressful. Every time she went to nap, I would wonder, should I put her in the car seat even though I knew she shouldn’t be napping there? Or should I try to see if she will nap in her crib? Or will she nap if I nurse her to sleep in my bed? Though she naps at regular times and for quite a while, she would only do it in the car seat…I thought to myself, what will I do when she outgrows it?


I read soooo many sleep books but did not know how to implement the techniques. Would I work on naps first? Would I work on overnight sleep first? What method should I use? I knew I had to be consistent but I did not want to ‘screw it up’. Plus, the fact that I was sleep deprived myself made it overwhelming and tough to make decisions.

Though I could have perhaps tried to implement a technique a read in a book, I strongly feel that having you there made a world of difference as to how effective the training was. With your help, Lara learned to nap and sleep overnight on her own with only a few wakings to feed after just one weekend and 2 nights! You were wonderful, patient and quick to respond. Having you on text support really help with implementing the sleep plan. I appreciated that you were able to tell us when to put her down, when we should go in or when we should wait to get her, etc – you were able to help us with what is really missing from the books…the how to do it.


It feels really good to be stress free about my baby’s sleep. I now do our routine, put her down in her crib, walk away and voila! She sleeps! It’s a win/win all around! She sleeps better and I sleep better. I now have a more predictable schedule which allows me to plan my day better, I have more time to myself, more time with my husband, I am back to being me! Most importantly, I can be really present for Lara when she is awake. When she is up, Lara is also sooo much happier and alert!

I did not know how bad my situation was until it was ‘fixed’. Sleep training Lara was the best thing for our whole family. My sincere thank you for your help.

Sylvia Park

Montreal, Quebec

I never thought I’d be on of those mom’s who could just put their baby down to sleep…and they’d sleep. But I am!
Our 10 month old spent a good part of her little life napping in her car seat as we took her from place to place, always keeping busy. As she got older, it became increasingly harder to have her sleep anywhere else, and eventually when nap time came we simply put her in the car seat (covered) and swung her until she slept. We were even planning our outings around nap time so she’d sleep in the car and we wouldn’t hurt ourselves trying to lift the very heavy car seat. But even after a nap, she was waking up crankier and crankier. She had a settled night time routine and (thankfully) would fall asleep in her crib, but would still wake up every 3 hours to eat. We asked Tracy to hurry to come help us teach our baby to sleep her naps in her crib, and to sleep longer nights.
Tracy met with us at home and we were able to talk about healthy sleep habits and which method we were comfortable using. We felt she was ”old” enough and we wanted immediate results, so we chose the extinction method (cry-it-out). I had horrible impressions about this method and had tried (and failed) to do it on my own, but the way Tracy explained it, I realized that what I was doing was my impression of the method and not the actual method.
We scheduled to start teaching our baby to sleep on a weekend a week away, and in the mean time I introduced a nap time routine and new nap time hours, but keeping her in the car seat. When my baby fell asleep on her own one day as I put her in the crib ”just to see”, I called all my friends in excitement. Alas…she woke up 20 minutes later…and it was on! I had accidentally started the method mid-week and I wasn’t going back.Tracy was so flexible and guided me through the first three days. I felt confident knowing Tracy was just a text away and I credit that to my full success. And today my baby is so much happier and better rested. It’s like those hard training days never happened and she loves her new schedules. She sleeps no less than 12 hours a night waking up once, or not at all, even achieving a brag-able 14 hours straight. The car seat has since retired and we do not miss it.
If my story looks like something you are going through, I strongly urge you to do something about it. I used to be afraid of naps because they took so much work, and now I am so relaxed knowing she can fall asleep on her own. Granted there are days that naps don’t always work out, but I’m so happy to say that those days are exceptions. Hiring Tracy has literally changed our lives and our entire family is grateful! Our baby has finally learned how to fall sleep on her own and that is a skill that she will have for the rest of her life.

The Barakat family

Montreal, Quebec

Sleep Training Success Stories - Client Feedback and TestimonialsWhen we first met Tracy our little guy had been waking up every 1.5-3hrs for about two months. We were barely surviving and didn’t even know it.

Our baby was dependent on his moms milk and that was the only way to get him to sleep. He had no clue how to self sooth and therefore with every roll, or flail, he would be up and crying. He was 6.5 months old, still partially swaddled, went to be at 9pm or later, and must have been so horribly overtired.

At that point I was so exhausted from trying to get him to nap unsuccessfully (rocking, bouncing, feeding, swinging) that when I knew he needed the nap I would just take him for a drive. While this helped him nap, it took a big toll on my body from constantly dragging the bucket in and out of the car 2-3 times more a day than usual.

I was very particular about what I was and wasn’t willing to do, and Tracy was really great at presenting me options, talking them to death until I felt i fully understood, and could feel comfortable with the route we would take to deal with it. I was against any form of letting him cry and thought I was properly educated on the subject, but after gaining more information on it, as well as talking through all of the other options, my son’s age, character etc. I realized that if my goall was to do right by him, it may require me to open my mind up more on the subject. The difference between Tracy’s approach and every other thing i had heard, read, about letting babies cry was that it wasn’t JUST about that. It was about a complete structural overhaul of our lives that would set our son up for success. Putting him down at the right times, how not to let him get overtired, how to read the getting tired signs propoerly, how his room setup should be, how to create habits that will be triggers to letting him know bedtime is coming next, making sure his bed is his cozy spot and he is happy there. It is this full spectrum approach that I believe led to our success and made the process a thousand times less painful than I imagined!

Honestly, Tracy changed our lives within 24 hours.

Within 24 hours my son learned how to be put down in his crib awake, and fall asleep on his own, unswaddled, to wake up and fall back asleep without crying, and right away slept 6 hours straight.

Within a week and a half he slept his first 13 hour straight night, that was 2 months ago and we haven’t looked back since! He now goes to bed between 5:30-6:30pm depending on how the day went, and wakes up betwen 6:30-7am. Takes his naps in his crib, is always put down awake, and usually wakes up giggling and happy.

Most importantly, he is finally getting the sleep that he needs, and I have never seen him learn and retain things faster.
The bonus is that we have some me time, some we time, and lots of sleep time!

We took Tracy’s package that included 3 days of “texting support”, which was such an amazing option to have. I felt like i was her only client, and probably asked her a record breaking number of questions in that time period. Even when the 3 days were up Tracy made a point to check in once and awhile to see how we were doing. I felt extrememly comfortable with her and feel so fortunate to have found her.

This picture is the kind I used to have hundreds of and has now become a rarity. Our baby boy asleep. It used to be so easy to take photos like this, but not anymore since we wouldn’t want to go into his room and disturb him to take them!

Jessica Aflalo

Montreal, Quebec

When we contacted Tracy, our daughter was 4 months old. She was sleeping pretty well most nights (9 hours with some 2 am or 3 am wakings sometimes) but waking up really early (4:30-5:00 am). Her naps were not going well at all. The main issue however was that she could not fall asleep on her own. I had to nurse or bottle-feed her to sleep, and then put her down. If she woke up when I put her down, or 20-30 minutes later, she cried, and I picked her up, and that was that. I was so stressed out when I put her down, for fear that she would wake up. All I wanted was for her to sleep! She often would cry and scream uncontrollably, and nothing could soothe her, no matter how much I cuddled her, sang to her, rocked her… it was painful for me, and for her.

So I contacted Tracy. She came to my house for a consultation, and she immediately pointed out the issues that kept my baby girl from sleeping well. There were many things to change. For example, her room was too bright and had “distractions” (i.e. mobile), I wasn’t putting her down for naps and bedtime at the right times, she didn’t have a “transitional object” (lovie), etc. But what we needed to work on the most was “teaching” my daughter to self-soothe. It is a skill that babies need to develop, and mine had not learned this important skill yet. Over a period of 3-4 days, Tracy coached me and was available to me from early morning to late evening while we sleep trained my daughter.
It only took a day for us to see a difference, and within a few weeks our daughter was sleeping like a champ. I could not have done it without Tracy though! Gabi is now almost 7 months old, and she sleeps 12 hours per night, wakes up at a reasonable hour, and naps twice per day, at 1.5 hours per nap. When she’s not sleeping, she is a happy, giggly, loving, healthy baby girl!

Thank you Tracy for all your help!

Marie-France, Sergio & Gabi

Montreal, Quebec

Sleep Training Success Stories - Client Feedback and TestimonialsBeing a new mom, I was pretty desperate. I felt overwhelmingly lost. Sleep felt like just a fond memory of such a long time ago. My husband and I would constantly say to one another we wish our baby came with a manual or at the very least some basic hints on how to get him to fall asleep without me having to sing, dance, giggle, sway hum and pretty much stand on my freaking head. That coupled with a basic clue on how to keep him asleep longer then 40 min. My life was hell to put it simply.

Saying we were tired is putting it mildly. Everything suffered, my relationship with my husband, friends & family. But what was more heartbreaking Is that i knew my very delicate bonding relationship with my son was starting to suffer. I started to feel so sad I wasn’t the mom I had wanted to be or imagined simply because I didn’t have the energy or patience I needed. We had reached out and hired a sleep trainer at about 4 months and for the first time we were hopeful. Hopeful that there would be some magic answer given to us in we only paid the big ticket price they had asked. Unfortunately there were no magic answers given to us and we were no better off then when we had started. I now know it was because of the quality of sleep training & support I had paid for. I was left feeling frustrated and ripped off. The person I had paid a small fortune too was dodgy with emails & poor at responding to text messages or phone calls. Often getting back to me way to late and therefore sending poor Ethan mixed messages. It was confusing for us all! What the hell was I paying for?? It was not long that I was back to bouncing singing swaying and praying to anyone who would hear me for at least a 3 hour stretch of sleep.

Then one day it happened and my prayers were answered through a Facebook posting. Tracy Braunstein IS my guardian angel, my fairy god mother and the person I had been praying for. When I read she was taking on new clients I jumped at the chance. I had known Tracy to be a very competent, reliable and professional. That combined with the fact she is a loving mother of two gave me all hope I needed. With Tracy’s help I now have our beautiful baby boy sleeping two scheduled naps and sleeping from 6:00pm to 6:30am.
Tracy gave me all the tools I needed to confidently sleep train Ethan properly. She was with me every single step of the way. I never felt alone during the process. That alone was priceless to me. I was able to ask he question after question during and had a response from her before it was too late. I also felt like because she is a mother of two and had recently gone through this experience herself she truly understood me. She was able to put my mind at ease, and be compassionate about how nervous I felt. She gave me the much needed comfort and also helped me become the mother I wanted to be.
It’s because of Tracy that we are one very happy family. I owe her so much more then she will ever know. Lately when I catch myself having a wonderful family moment with my two boys….I say a little thank you to Tracy, it would not be possible if we were still so sleep deprived.

Being a new mom can be such an intimidating club to join, but knowing I have Tracy on my side gives me all the courage and conference I need to enjoy this wonderful new chapter in my life.

Kathleen Choi Girouard

Proud Mom of Ethan- 8 months old

After 3.5 long months of baby giving us no sleep I looked into sleep training. Our baby boy had taken on a bad habit of the pacifier and needed us to put it back in his mouth every 45 mins!!! I was exhausted and really jaded.
Tracy happened to have a workshop that week. Even if I was skeptical, I decided to give it a try with a friend of mine. This workshop CHANGED MY LIFE!
I am extremely “by the book” so I took down all of what Tracy was teaching and decided that day that I would give it a try. I went out and bought black out blinds and set a date to start officially sleep training. I journaled my baby’s progress and by day three he was sleeping three naps a day for an hour and at least a 12 hour uninterrupted night!
I truly believe that Tracy teaches the real stuff, the facts! Sleep is a science and if followed correctly the “rules” of sleep make all the difference. We’ve hit some bumps along the road along the way and Tracy has been available to help me look at what can be tweaked to get baby back on track!
My baby is now 11mths old an has been successfully sleep trained since his 4 mth birthday. He still sleeps two naps a day and a full 13 hrs a night. The important thing is that baby is now rested and ready to live and learn his life everyday! The plus? My husband and I get our evenings to enjoy either together or doing things like workouts or seeing our friends! If you are struggling with your baby’s sleep or if you are just curious about the science of sleep I strongly recommend Tracy’s services!!!

Julie and baby Zack



Sleep Training Success Stories - Client Feedback and TestimonialsI can’t even begin to express my gratitude to you. My husband & I started off our ” sleep journey” with another sleep consultant who gave us an unclear version of a sleep schedule, never returned emails and really left us confused as to what we were supposed to do ( as if raising a child wasn’t already confusing on its own!)<br/>
After our consult with Tracy, I knew immediately I was in the right hands. I felt confident, secure and knew that Kalli was going to receive the sleep she deserves. You were with me every step of the way, if I had a question, not even 5 minutes later I’d receive a response. After only 4 days, Kalli’s napping wonderfully, sleeping through the night and such a happy baby!

Like I said, no words can truly express how thankful we are! Thank you for giving us the best gift of all…sleep!Sleep Training Success Stories - Client Feedback and Testimonials

Kamilla & Family-


After nine months of exhaustion and sleepless nights; knowing that I would have to return to work before I knew it, something needed to change with our son’s sleep habits. We were at a loss for knowing what to do and how to do it. We tried so many different methods and followed various advice from books, family and friends- with little success.

We found Tracy, attended one workshop and we knew that she would be the one to help us. After meeting privately one evening, Tracy shared her wealth of knowledge and expertise and created a tailored program for our son, based on our needs and comfort level. She gave us the confidence, tools and support that we needed to begin.

The kindness, genuine concern and caring continued even after our time together had ended. She was there every step of the way with her warm and bubbly personality. We each have a renewed sense of self, parenthood and life as a couple- now that we are not running to our son’s room at all hours of the night!

Hiring Tracy was the best decision we have ever made. She has changed our lives for the better and we will always be grateful.

Eliane & Family

Montreal, Quebec

Jeremy and I both owe you a huge thank you! You have given us our life back and have transformed us from a cranky family to a happy one. People are commenting on how much Kyles disposition has changed and how much happier we all seem. As much as it requires work on our part, you deserve most of the credit. You gave us a structure to follow when we were so sleep deprived that we couldn’t think! You gave us guidance and support when we were implementing our “new routine”. And you gave us encouragement when things weren’t so easy. All in all, you saved us.

I am constantly recommending you to anyone who will listen.

Jen & Jeremy

Montreal, Quebec

Sleep Training Success Stories - Client Feedback and TestimonialsSleep…such a simple, normal concept…until you have a new baby The early days of euphoria & adrenalin soon turn into a delirious state of wondering when exactly will you get some “good” sleep ever again? As a new mom who waited a long time for her little bundle of joy I was more than happy to exclusively breast feed on demand all day & all night if that’s what it took to have a happy healthy baby! Admittedly I also loved to just cuddle my little angel for hours and let her fall asleep in my arms for many of her naps, I also heard much well meaning advise to “get her used to sleeping anywhere” so I’d happily take her on a different outing everyday & marvel at how well she’d sleep in the car or in her stroller. People would always comment at what a happy baby she was & how she could sleep through a nice 2hour girls lunch or be awake and smiling on a 4hour stroll through the mall….
EXCEPT I started seeing how we were paying the price for this in other ways later in the day when she’d simply meltdown & was inconsolable, feedings became a thing of frustration where she would need to be calmed to sleep before eating & her acid reflux seemed worse than ever…looking back I see how over-tired & over-stimulated she was! Right after he 3month growth spurt I miserably failed at transitioning her into her crib from the bassinet even just for naps! She was scream & sob no matter how many times I’d go in to shush or pat in whatever intervals I tried! My husband and I quickly realized we were gonna need some help & instead of reading one of the many books & theories we had already swirling in our heads (again very well meaning friends & family).
When we heard of Tracy & read the testimonials we decided to take a leap of faith and put our trust in her – how happy we are today! After speaking via email and an in person consultation I knew in my gut she had this figured out and would take us through to the other side…indeed she has! Before even proceeding with any self-soothing methods we worked on getting her sleep environment & schedule on track as well as implementing a consistent sleep routine! These changes alone showed us soo much improvement!
After about 2weeks we were ready to take the plunge and have her learn to self-soothe…as most mom’s reading this probably feel…I was an anxious mess of emotion & shamelessly begged Tracy to move in for the 1st night With the SOS package it was almost as good as having her here & she walked us through minute by minute till our baby did self soothe and showed us how ready SHE was…maybe not us!
I am still pinching myself at how far we’ve come in such a short time….her feedings are back to being a loving happy time, her acid reflux seems better already even with reducing her doses, she wakes up refreshed, rosy cheeked babbling & smiling in her crib & the time between naps is one of quality & fun as mommy & daddy got some rest as well! In-fact we have more free hours than we remember what to do with! LOL I have done a virtual “bowing down” to Tracy! She knows her stuff alright!
I am beyond grateful to have found her & listened to that little voice inside that pushed me to go forward & get our sleep under control.

A well rested family

Montreal, Quebec

I would like by starting with it is presently 7:30 pm, and i decided to write this to you Tracy..who I like to call my savior!!

I have a six year old daughter Angelica an my son Anthony who is almost 21 months old.For the first couple of months he was a pretty good sleeper. When he turned about seven months old I didn’t know what the word sleep meant anymore.

From Seven months till about a week ago (about 15 months) Anthony would go to bed anywhere from 10 pm till midnight and he would wake up between 1 am-2 am and he would stay up till about 5 am – 6 am. His nap was around 10 am till about 1 pm and he would stay awake till he went down for the night which would last no longer than four hours.

One day I ran into one of my neighbours and told her my situation she told me about Tracy . To be very honest I wasn’t sure I wanted to call because i really thought that there was no way anyone could of help me! Well the next day Tracy called me and i said to myself what do i have to lose, so I met with Tracy on Wednesday January 16, 2013. We went through everything and she told me what to do. Again as she was speaking I was still not convinced that this would work for Anthony. So that night I put Anthony to sleep at 7:43 pm and i was getting ready to hear him cry for about 3 hours but to my surprise he cried for less then 5 minutes and he woke only once for about 10 mins. My husband and I were so surprised and so HAPPY!!!!

It is almost a week since I met with Tracy and Anthony sleeps anywhere from 10-11 straight hours a night without waking once.
All I can say is that I haven’t slept a full night in over a year and we were all sleep deprived now we all sleep. Now I have time for myself. I get to read, and watch TV its so exciting. My husband and I get to talk again.

Tracy told me that I would have a new baby and you know what…Tracy you were so right! Not only does Anthony sleep now, he is much calmer not bouncing off the walls and he eats so much better. He seems so happy now and when he wakes up in the morning he talks and laughs!! Happy Baby = Happy Mommy!!!!

Tracy I can’t thank you enough not only for your advise but more importantly your support. You were there for me! I couldn’t of done this without you. If you can Help me you can help anyone!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Jackie Cutrona …

A well rested mommy

Thank you so much to Tracy for helping us with our daughter’s nap times! Before we got in touch with Tracy, our daughter was only napping for 30 minutes at a time and it took multiple attempts to get her to sleep at bed time.
After less than a week, our daughter now regularly naps from 1-2 hrs, goes down for the night in one try and seeps through the night! Tracy promptly responded to all our questions and cared enough to check in to see how we were doing. Thank you for helping us all get some much needed rest!

Margie C

New York, USA

Hi Tracy,

Thank you so much.

Your workshop was so helpful and I followed what you told me for morning nap and it worked without crying. She napped an hour and a half. Crazy amazing. Only wished I met you months earlier. Thanx again


Montreal, Quebec

We are so grateful that Tracy helped us solve the sleep issues that we were having with our daughter. Her sensitivity, patience, and expertise made the process of sleep training easier than it would have been otherwise. She remained dedicated to solving our issues throughout the process and offered us much encouragement. Bedtime runs so much more smoothly in our house now, and we have a well-rested daughter as a result. Thank you, Tracy!

Jennifer, Greg & Family

Toronto, Ont

Sleep Training Success Stories - Client Feedback and TestimonialsWhen we had our older son in 2009 we didn’t know anything about how a baby should sleep. As many first time parents we were just winging it and doing the best we could. Well, our older son didn’t sleep through the night until he was 2 years old and was very difficult to get down for a nap during the day. Needless to say I spent a lot of my days strolling around the neighborhood so he could get some sleep! When I saw the same thing happening with our second son I knew what I was doing definitely wasn’t working.

When I decided I needed help I was at my wits end. I was spending most of my day rocking and nursing our 4 ½ month old to sleep and he would nap for only 10 minutes!! Our 3 year old was sitting in front of the TV waiting for me to put the baby to sleep so he could get some attention. Then he would get quite upset (understandably so!) when the baby would wake after only 10 minutes and there goes mommy back in the bedroom trying to get the baby to sleep! Not to mention how miserable and tired my poor baby was! It was an unhealthy situation for all of us! I lived in constant fear of the baby waking up! I knew that hoping things would get better as he got older was not going to work. I knew I had to try something else!

When I first contacted Tracy I was a little hesitant about the whole process. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Tracy was amazing. She never pushed me into anything I wasn’t ready to do. She simply armed me with the facts about sleep and how important it was for my baby to get the sleep he needs to grow and be healthy.

I thought our situation was hopeless. With my husband working shift work and the 2 boys sharing a room I thought sleep training would be impossible! Tracy was not intimidated at all by our situation. She quickly came up with a plan to make some changes that enabled everybody to start getting more sleep. And did this plan ever work! Literally after speaking with Tracy and implementing the plan she provided, our baby was sleeping better the very next day! Within 1 day my baby was sleeping better and took his first of many hour plus naps with no fuss! I was amazed and very excited! And as our baby started getting the sleep he so desperately needed he was happier, our older son was happier, we were happier and Tracy seemed just as happy as we were!

Tracy was very knowledgeable, patient, supportive and understanding. She not only explained the reasons behind everything she was having me try, she was there supporting me every step of the way. My husband was working shift work and was not able to be there for some of those times I was feeling anxious and unsure that what we were doing was the right thing. Tracy was there with the reassurance and support that I needed to ensure success for our baby. She was the calm, understanding voice I needed to make it through. I truly could not have done this without her!

Tracy even had some suggestions to help our 3 year old sleep better, and sleep on his own! Last night our 3 year old went to sleep by himself for the first time EVER!!

We are forever indebted to Tracy for all of her guidance. She is truly amazing! Not only is everybody sleeping better but my husband and I have time to ourselves in the evening. We haven’t had this time in years! With the knowledge I have gained from Tracy I feel confident that I will be able to handle any problems that may arise in the future and will be able to ensure better sleep for my family for years to come!

Shelley, Sean, Aidan and Dylan Sherritt

Toronto, Ont

I considered myself a sleep training pro after having both my girls sleep trained by the age of 7 mths. When my 18 mth old Shelley was getting sick with back to back throat infections. I was at a loss of how to help her (at this age) learn to sleep through the night again. I contacted Tracy for guidance and tips.

First night I followed Tracy’s advice and she slept though the night 12 hours straight !!! I was thrilled to have gotten rest myself and Shelley was in a terrific mood the following day as opposed to the usual fussy irritable mood she was in. The second night of Tracy’s methods brought on more success! 13 hrs straight and she went to sleep with ease. This has now been continuing for over a week!

The whole household is happier because of it but truly the best part is having a well slept baby. Thanks Tracy!!

Lisa Burns

Montreal, Qc

As new parents we knew our 7 months old baby was not sleeping as much as he should but we had no idea what to do. We read a few books but were still unsure on the best method. Tracy walked us through the process, and was there 100% to answer our questions and most of all with genuine support. Within a few days, William went from maybe a nap a day, to 3 scheduled naps a day, from a 10 o’clock bedtime to a 6 o’clock bedtime. The transformation was amazing! We had a well rested, more alert and happier baby. We as a couple, also got our evenings back! Tracy was amazing throughout the whole process, and we could not of done it without her! We are forever grateful, as William’s healthy sleep habits has lead to a happy baby and definitely happy parents!


Montreal, Qc

Sleep Training Success Stories - Client Feedback and TestimonialsMy Husband and I have a beautiful 5 month old little boy, who about a month ago was having A LOT of trouble sleeping. When I reached out to our group of friends for help and suggestions, Tracy was very helpful with our situation and for that, I wanted to take this opportunity to say a HUGE Thank You!

Our little man was having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for naptime and began waking every 60-90minutues at night again, this started to get quite frustrating for us as parents watching him struggle with this because he was able to sleep through the night (4-6 hour stretches) since he was 8 weeks old & we found ourselves back to the “newborn phase” with our 4 month old. I need to mention as well that our little guy is exclusively breastfed and I began to worry on top of the lack of sleep if I was starting to lose my milk supply because of his frequent awakenings.

When I contacted Tracy, her patient gentle approach to sleep training was perfect for our family. I wanted to be sure that there was minimal crying and that I could still breastfeed on demand. Tracy worked with our family and was always available to answer all our questions and walk us through any situations that arose when we were unsure of what the correct move would be.

After about 2 weeks of working with Tracy, revamping our little guy’s nap and bedtime schedule and routine I am incredibly happy to report that he now naps for a minimum of an hour 3x/day whereas before I’d be lucky if I could get him to sleep for 20min at a time. He’s also sleeping for long stretches at night again (4-6 hrs), he eats and then has another long stretch! My husband and I are feeling a lot more rested as well. I finally feel that our Son is getting the proper restorative rest that he desperately needed for his growth and development and he is much happier and way more alert as a result. Because we are new parents, we were making simple mistakes that were easily fixable with Tracy’s guidance and suggestions. We are so thankful for her advice and for helping our whole family get better quality, longer stretches of sleep with minimal crying (if any). I am also happy to report that I did not have to give up breastfeeding on demand or supplement either. We helped him learn, that he wasn’t hungry EVERY time he woke up and we also taught him how to put himself back to sleep using soothing techniques that Tracy suggested so he doesn’t have to be nursed back to sleep every time.

Thank you very much Tracy, from the bottom of our hearts, for everything that you’ve done for our family and for our Son. We will recommend you to any of our friends with children who may be going through sleep regression or that just need advice or guidance when it comes to sleep training!

Mark & Christine Fishman

Montreal, Qc