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Nightmares Vs Night Terrors.

Nightmares vs Night Terrors- What’s the difference

You finally got your child to sleep… ahh time to kick back and relax, ok let’s be real, more like time to do the dishes, tidy up the toys and maybe if you are lucky watch some TV or do some work. After a few hours you hear a blood curdling scream coming from your child’s bedroom. You burst into the room to find your child screaming in what seems…

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Sleep Training - Dropping the morning nap

Dropping the morning nap- When & How!?

You and your baby worked hard to establish those healthy sleep habits. You have a great routine going, a great schedule and everyone is rested. Your baby has two great naps a day, when seemingly all of the sudden (insert the sound of screeching brakes) your baby is refusing a nap. What’s happening…. NNNooooooo!!!! “How do I know if my baby is ready to drop the morning nap?” This is…

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Sleep Training Consultant in Montreal

Tracy is featured in Montreal Gazette

Hush! ‘Sleep coach’ gives rock-a-bye baby a little help It’s 4 a.m. and it’s your third time getting up with the baby. Still no tinge of pink morning light peeking through the curtains, although it seems like there should be, because midnight feels like a lifetime ago. Night after unrelenting night, your precious bundle of joy wakes and requires some kind of intervention before dozing off again. This disrupted sleep pattern…

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Sleep Tips - Back to School Bedtime Routine

Back to School Sleep Tips

Back to school sleep tips.. already?! Summer, it comes and goes so quickly. Very soon those long summer days of sun shining well into the evening hours will be replaced by those dark afternoons. We have all fallen victim to loosening up our children’s regimented schedule over the summer and replacing it with extended outdoor play and later bedtimes. Whether your child is going back to school, starting preschool or…

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Newborn Sleep Tips - 3 months

Newborn Sleep Tips: The first three months

Before I give you some newborn sleep tips, allow me to say congratulations! You are either expecting or have recently welcomed a new baby (or babies) into your life. It is an emotional roller-coaster, as we are filled with such exhilaration, a love that is beyond measure and a realization that our life will never be the same again. Now about newborn sleep. You will likely find it is probably…

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Sleep transition from crib to bed

Tips for an easy crib to toddler bed transition.

The big transition. Your baby is no longer a baby (sigh) . You are ready to go from a crib to a toddler bed.. or are you? This is a question I often get asked and here is some valuable information that I would like to share with you that will help make the crib to toddler bed transition easier. 1. When? How do we know when our child is ready to…

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Sleep Training Tips - Sleep Tight Solutions

The Power of Early Bed times

Early bed times? What is considered “early” may in fact not be early enough. Bed time in your house may sometimes be peaceful, but may sometimes be a battlefield. We may deal with children that have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and of course those endless negotiations. We can see restless sleep, night terrors and very early wake times. I see and deal with all of these issues with clients on a…

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4 Key components that establish healthy sleep habits

Unfortunately babies don’t come with instruction manuals and this leaves many new parents in the dark about how to establish healthy sleep habits for their children. Setting a healthy foundation for sleep is critical for our growing babies. It allows for optimal mental and physical development. A well rested baby can deal with everyday stresses better and they have the ability to learn and absorb more of the world around them. There is so…

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5 Tips on Managing Your Child’s Sleep when Traveling

Ready to travel? It’s vacation time and you are very much looking forward to some rest, relaxation and some quality family time. Traveling with little ones can sometimes be more stressful than relaxing, especially when our children become overtired. Here are some helpful tips on how to protect your child’s sleep when traveling: Make sure your child’s “sleep tank” has some reserves! Try to ensure that your child is well rested…

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