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By Sean Cubitt

Light is the situation of all imaginative and prescient, and the visible media are our most vital explorations of this situation. The historical past of visible applied sciences finds a centuries-long venture geared toward controlling gentle. during this publication, Sean Cubitt lines a family tree of the dominant visible media of the twenty-first century -- electronic video, movie, and images -- via a heritage of fabrics and practices that starts off with the innovations of intaglio printing and oil portray. getting to the specificities of inks and pigments, cathode ray tubes, colour movie, lenses, displays, and chips, Cubitt argues that we have got moved from a hierarchical visible tradition involved in semantic values to a extra democratic yet value-free numerical commodity.

Cubitt starts off with the invisibility of black, then builds from line to floor to quantity and area. He describes Rembrandt's makes an attempt to accomplish natural black by means of tricking the viewer and the increase of geometry as a governing precept in visible know-how, obvious in Dürer, Hogarth, and Disney, between others. He unearths the origins of significant positive aspects of electronic imaging in nineteenth-century printmaking; examines the conflict among the physics and psychology of colour; explores the illustration of area in shadows, layers, and projection; discusses modes of temporal order in nonetheless images, cinema, tv, and electronic video; and considers the consequences of a political aesthetics of visible technology.

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