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By Austin Washington

George Washington—a guy of honor, bravery and management. he's referred to as America’s first President, a superb common, and a humble gentleman, yet how did he develop into this guy of stature?

The schooling of George Washington solutions this question with a brand new discovery approximately his previous and the brilliant booklet that formed him. Who larger to unearth them than George Washington’s great-nephew, Austin Washington?

Most Washington fanatics have heard of “The principles of Civility” and realized that this guided our first President. yet that’s now not the booklet that actually made George Washington who he used to be. In The schooling of George Washington, Austin Washington unearths the key that he chanced on approximately Washington’s previous that explains his real version for behavior, honor, and leadership—an instance that shall we all use.

The schooling of George Washington additionally features a entire facsimile of the forgotten ebook that modified George Washington's life.

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