Healthy Sleep Tips for Infants and Toddlers

Traveling with kids and sleep training

Traveling With Your Child. Tips on Handling Jet Lag

As adults, most of us have experienced jet lag and the effect it has on our sleep and wakefulness. Jet Lag is a condition that results in a disturbance or imbalance in our body’s natural “biological clock” which is caused by traveling to different time zones. Our bodies operate on a 24- hour cycle called Circadian Rhythms. These rhythms are influenced by the rising and setting of the sun, exposure…

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Sleep Training for infants

How Do I Get Through The Holidays Without Messing Up My Baby’s Sleep Schedule?

How to maintain a healthy sleep schedule during the holidays. T’is the season ! Holiday season is here and along with it comes family visits, parties and schedules thrown out the window! You have worked so hard to establish good and healthy sleep habits for your child. You have committed to a great schedule and have sacrificed many coffee dates so that your baby can get a great nap. All the…

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How Much Sleep Does My Child Need

How Much Sleep Does My Child Need?

How much sleep does my baby need? How much sleep does my child really need?? As new parents, we have so much to start thinking about and of course worrying about. Is my baby growing well? Are they eating enough? and the ever so popular.. Are they getting enough sleep? Babies and children require sleep. Lots of it. It is not a luxury, it is a biological need. When a…

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Kid Gambler

Bedtime battles- Have You Created a Gambler?

con·sist·en·cy kənˈsistənsē/ noun conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness. We hear it all the time… be consistent! When we talk about behaviour and our children, to teach a new or desired behaviour, consistency is one of the key components to achieving success. When it comes to sleep training or coaching it is certainly no exception. As parents…

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Nightmares Vs Night Terrors.

Nightmares vs Night Terrors- What’s the difference

You finally got your child to sleep… ahh time to kick back and relax, ok let’s be real, more like time to do the dishes, tidy up the toys and maybe if you are lucky watch some TV or do some work. After a few hours you hear a blood curdling scream coming from your child’s bedroom. You burst into the room to find your child screaming in what seems…

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Sleep Training - Dropping the morning nap

Dropping the morning nap- When & How!?

You and your baby worked hard to establish those healthy sleep habits. You have a great routine going, a great schedule and everyone is rested. Your baby has two great naps a day, when seemingly all of the sudden (insert the sound of screeching brakes) your baby is refusing a nap. What’s happening…. NNNooooooo!!!! “How do I know if my baby is ready to drop the morning nap?” This is…

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